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Please add Oracle Corporation as hardware vendor
submitted by rsandu, 08:44, 3 April 2013
Thema: add a vendor name
Stand: closed
Priorität: low
Hello, Since I suspect that systems in other categories than "Notebooks, netbooks, tablets" may be interesting, please add Oracle Corporation in the list of hardware vendors. After the acquisition of Sun Microsystems, Oracle IS a hardware vendor :) . I've recently got an Sun/Oracle Database Appliance (a 2-node cluster, tightly integrated in hardware and software, x86_64-based) and it might be interesting to describe it as detailed as possible. This bug was marked as closed, but I still don't see Oracle in the vendors list (the drop-down-list in the "Notebooks, netbooks, tablets" section). Răzvan
Sorry, I have to insert Oracle also inside the notebook category, as well as Packard Bell. I will do it later thanks
submitted by tonicucoz, 02:13, 4 April 2013
submitted by tonicucoz, 17:08, 6 April 2013

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