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Default sort should be based on free software compatibility
submitted by johns, 18:00, 28 Marzo 2013
ESTADO: closed
One of the main uses of h-node is to look for compatible hardware when buying a new computer or accessory. The easiest way to access this information is if the compatible items are listed at the top, followed by the partially compatible items, then the incompatible items. There should still be an alphabetic sorting option, for people to be able to easily see if a particular item is compatible. But this should not be the default sort. Sorting on freedom also helps h-node do its job of promoting freedom friendly hardware better.
Ok this is a good idea. The same issue has been discussed only a few days ago in the h-node mailing list. thanks
submitted by tonicucoz, 18:47, 29 Marzo 2013
I agree, I clicked here from a link at gnu.org, and I was not expecting hardware that is not compatible with Free System Distros. Maybe take it a step further and put red circle with slash or something akin to poison labels on chemicals for the E-garbage category. Because of my assumption that the hardware listed here would be from companies who believe in FreeSoftware principles I thought E-garbage must be some trendy new term. When I looked up the classification I found out it really was E-garbage. Might make the info provided here easier to follow or absorb, more intuituve.
submitted by Dirt, 04:24, 23 Abril 2013
Mostly done. There's a complication in that the field contains "A", "B", "C" as well as "yes", "no" for some other types, so the sorting has to be ascending in some cases and descending in others, but I want to make the sorting much more flexible, and will take care of this then. For now, the "A - Platinum" type compatibility items are listed first.
submitted by greenman, 11:40, 11 Julio 2016
Done for all hardware categories.
submitted by greenman, 18:28, 11 Julio 2016

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