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"tested with the following kernel libre:" is limited to 49 characters
submitted by goritskov, 06:39, 28 Septiembre 2013
ARGUMENTO: maybe a bug
ESTADO: closed
For example, if I try to add one more kernel with name "3.2.0-38-generic" on the following page: http://h-node.org/ethernetcards/view/en/315/Realtek-Semiconductor-Co---Ltd--RTL8111-8168B-PCI-Express-Gigabit-Ethernet-controller--rev-06-/1/1/Realtek-Semiconductor-Co.-Ltd., I get an error "kernel exceeds the value of 49 characters". This field should have bigger limit, IMHO.
Solved, thanks!
submitted by tonicucoz, 19:40, 14 Mayo 2014
In SVN, it will be uploaded to h-node.org as soon as possible
submitted by tonicucoz, 19:40, 14 Mayo 2014
I ran into this exact issue just now on this [1] page. By removing spaces in the list of kernels, I managed to add my kernel version, but it is a tight fit. Is this a regression maybe? [1]: http://h-node.org/hostcontrollers/view/en/941/NEC-Corporation-uPD720200-USB-3-0-Host-Controller--rev-04-/1/1/undef/undef/undef/undef/undef/undef
submitted by thomcastermans, 15:15, 8 Septiembre 2014
The original issue is still present, please reopen. I suggest to allow the field to allow entering every kernel in a new line instead of comma separated.
submitted by sflm, 18:16, 23 Enero 2015
I uploaded the fix to h-node this week.
submitted by greenman, 17:53, 9 Julio 2016

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