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Souldn't the following computers be consider tablets instead of notebooks?
submitted by arielenter, 19:06, 16 Mayo 2014
ESTADO: closed
Hi, I was wondering, Souldn't the following computers should be classified as tablets instead as notebooks? http://h-node.org/notebooks/view/en/542/Acer-Iconia-Tab-W500P http://h-node.org/notebooks/view/en/1111/Acer-Aspire-1825PT-734G32n--ZE8- http://h-node.org/notebooks/view/en/1168/tm2-2150es http://h-node.org/notebooks/view/en/1206/XPS12 http://h-node.org/notebooks/view/en/1316/ThinkPad-X201-Tablet-0053A11 I was looking for a tablet pc but I notice none was classified as tablet, so you may or may not believe me but I went through every computer in the DB looking for pictures and those are the ones I found. Of course if they were classified as tablets it would have been a easy. Is it OK If I change them to that category? if not, how would you call those computers I was looking for? would it be possible to make a category for them? I mean, I wouldn't consider all computers that have touch screens tablets, only the ones that can be fold as one. What do you think?
Hi arielenter, ok change them to tablets if you think they are tablets!
submitted by tonicucoz, 20:13, 16 Mayo 2014
submitted by tonicucoz, 20:13, 16 Mayo 2014
Won't there be confusion between tablets with keyboards (work as laptops or tablets, like Thinkpads X*t) and tablets without keyboards (like Replicant tablets)?
submitted by mtjm, 07:44, 9 Septiembre 2014
Closing, as these have been converted to tablets shortly after the issue was opened.
submitted by greenman, 17:29, 12 Julio 2016

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