About stationary PC:s
submitted by Heraldica, 05:04, 29 Ιούνιος 2019
ΘΕΜΑ: new categories of hardware
Hello. I am a builder of stationary PC:s. That is to say: I prefer too choose the components myself and put them together at home. I do not find any information on how compatible stationary PC:s are in using Free Software. How come? I am considering making a new PC, but if you people with Free Software Compatibility knowledge have clues about new hardware that makes it less than B-gold compatible with Free Software I might think again. Are stationary PC´s in general less or more compatible with free software? Best Regards, Heraldica
Laptops could be renamed in computers, see https://h-node.org/issues/view/en/297/1/8a737f9d18f8cf131922283571674bc5 for more details.
submitted by GNUtoo, 12:16, 26 Ιούνιος 2020

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