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add the video card and wifi card separately
creado por tonicucoz, 23:27, 25 Enero 2011

Hi composr, thanks for helping the h-node project. Can you add the video card and the wifi card separately in the database (even if they don't work with free software)?

Can you please also specify if the webcam works or not. Thanks!

Adding different compatibility information for OS version
creado por composr, 19:48, 10 Marzo 2012
I would like to update the compatibility rating of this hardware with the latest release of Trisquel, but I don't see a way of doing this. Because the situation has changed, I don't want the rating for Trisquel 5 confused wih Trisquel 4-. Thanks!
Re: Adding different compatibility information for OS version
creado por tonicucoz, 03:08, 12 Marzo 2012
Trisquel 5.5 has been added to h-node if you want to add a rating for it. Thanks
OS Version conundrum
creado por composr, 13:23, 10 Julio 2012
The trick is not that I couldn't select the correct version of Trisquel, but that I can't separate the ratings. For instance, I would like for Trisquel 4 to have a bronze rating, but T5-T5.5 to have a silver rating.
RE: OS Version conundrum
creado por tonicucoz, 01:45, 12 Julio 2012
I think you should delete Trisquel 4.0 from the list and only describe how it works with Trisquel 5 or 5.5. Perhaps you can add a notice inside the description entry to alert that it does not work with Trisquel 4.0

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