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wifi card e webcam
creado por tonicucoz, 05:19, 2 Septiembre 2012
Hi Chris54, can you please specify the model of the webcam and wifi card? Thanks!
Hi Chris54
creado por lammi87, 11:24, 2 Septiembre 2012

Thanks for your contribution. Can you please add outputs from lspci -vmmnn, lspci -nnk and lsusb -v? It would be really useful. Please reduce the output of lsusb -v to include only the webcam section. You can also narrow it down a bit if it is really long. You can check this page to see an example of well written description section.

Happy hacking!

It's good
creado por Chris54, 12:00, 2 Septiembre 2012
It's good ;)
Thanks a lot!
creado por lammi87, 12:11, 2 Septiembre 2012
That was fast indeed. Please keep up the good work and remember to add outputs from those three commands to descriptions when relevant in the future too. Nice.

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