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3G-card Sierra AirPrime EM7455
Modell: Sierra AirPrime EM7455(Modell-ID: 2305)
Andere mögliche Gerätenamen:
Attachmate Corporation
Hersteller-ID:Produkt-ID des Gerätes:
Jahr der Markteinführung:
überprüft mit Distribution:
Trisquel 10.0 Nabia
Überbrüft mit folgendem freien Betriebssystemkern (Libre Kernel):
Funktioniert mit Freie Software?
Verwendete Freie Firmware/Treiber:
This is the identical chip from a Thinkpenguin product: USB 4G LTE-Advanced Modem for GNU/Linux (TPE-USB4GLTE), ThinkPenguin claims it to be blobless, and is a linux-libre compatible product. So I'm bringing the infomation of the product's chip here. The chip it self is commonly found in m.2 packaging, but also rarely available as mini-PCI-E. It has two modes which are MBIM and QMI, so it can be fit into some routers, enabling LTE functionalities. (I'm talking about using OpenWRT, and of course LibreCMC would also do the job I guess.) NOTE: I don't own this chip, all I do is gathered the information from the official sites like ThinkPenguin and Sierra Wireless. The usb-id is looked up from a database. All I know is ThinkPenguin will not lie about liberty (if not why are they doing this in the hard way?) So if anyone had this product/chip, and found I was wrong, feel free to edit this page! PS: I really don't understand why H-node parses Sierra Wireless's VID into some "attachmate" stuff. There's another entry with correct parsing, but mine is not that way?

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