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Confirmed non-free firmware
ciado por 9swords, 04:12, 12 Outubro 2023
Their drivers is only repackaged version of Realtek's official ones, which contains binary blobs disguised as source code. Many rtl88xx chips have GPL licenced driver, but none of them is blob-less or works with blob removed. The blob-less Realtek chips are mostly rtl87xx series which don't support 802.11ac.
How to confirm
ciado por 9swords, 04:19, 12 Outubro 2023
Download the firmware package and decompress it, search for files with name like "hal8822b_fw.c".

Open it up and you will find is is filled with binary codes instead of human readable source code.
ciado por 9swords, 04:24, 12 Outubro 2023
I mistyped, not the 'firmware package', but the driver they provided. Also, this method applies to any driver which claimed or seems to be blob-less, just hunt for anything have 'fw' in the name, and verify it's contents.

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