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[h1][[Wiki tutorial]][/h1]
[p]The [[wiki tutorial]] is the place to learn use the tags that this wiki uses, another great way of learning is by writing and improving documentation.[/p]

[h1][a]http://www.h-node.com/wiki/page/es/Compatibility-classes|Compatibility classes[/a][/h1]
The [p]The [[Compatibility classes]] are the way we rate the hardware performance so you know what to spec from certain device. device.[/p]

[a][h1]Discover [h1]Discover your hardware[/h1][/a] hardware[/h1]

[a][h1]Fully [p]Here at [[discover you hardware]] you'll learn how to obtain the information from your hardware, so you can insert it on the database. Also discover some tricks for you personal use.[/p]

free GNU/Linux Distributions[/h1][/a] Distributions[/h1]

[p]On [[Fully free GNU/Linux Distributions]] we keep a list of the distros that are recommended and supported on the h-node project. As you'll see these distros are the ones with the commitment of only use and recommend free software therefore FSF approved.[/p]
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