Page de discussion de la page de wiki Guidelines on how to compile a hardware device page
par Ark74, 09:59, 19 Décembre 2011
Maybe we could merge this two wikis:

So we can get one (Help) that would replace the Help page.

Multiple distributions
par pbarill, 11:17, 24 Juin 2012
What if I test and submit a device already listed, but I did so on a different distro or using a different version than that listed? Is this encouraged? What happens to existing entries? And how should I submit this information?

For example, device ABC has been tested on distro X version Y. What if I submit results for a different version of this distro? What if I submit for a different distro? Does it create a new entry in the database, or does it "expand" the existing entry?

Re: Merge
par tonicucoz, 05:15, 8 Juillet 2012

But there are entries that are not devices, for example how could be insert the "other names" or "description" entries inside the "discover your hardware"

what do you think?

Re: Multiple distributions
par tonicucoz, 05:15, 8 Juillet 2012
Add more that one distro and the system will list all of them
Device prevent wifi "replace"
par Ark74, 15:30, 24 Mai 2013
Does the device prevent the installation of wifi cards not-approved by the vendor?

This title make me think that there is some kind of study, paper where some the devices (or the BIOS, i presume) avoid the replacement of the wifi card for an unapproved one.

Which makes me think that the device/BIOS is aware of what cards can and what cards cannot be installed, and i find that assumption difficult to believe, by now.

Shouldn't we change that to a simple, Does the device prevents wifi replace?.

In that case, i could write some of the documentation, since i have replaced some wifi cards on notebooks. Cheers!

par Ark74, 15:36, 24 Mai 2013

Does the device prevent wifi replace?

Sorry :P
apparently there is a whitelist in BIOS
par lembas, 02:58, 25 Mai 2013
"BIOS is aware of what cards can and what cards cannot be installed, and i find that assumption difficult to believe, by now." According to this, that's exactly what is happening
That's bad
par Ark74, 17:56, 26 Mai 2013

I really wasn't aware of this!

This is a big issue, how come i didn't know?

I'll ask the EFF is they have some additional info about it. Thanks for the heads up.

If you get additional details
par lembas, 03:26, 27 Mai 2013
You might want to add them here Yeah this is pretty nasty. I've understood this started happening relatively recently. Soon we can buy new computers only from flea markets and museums..!
Add "lspci -nn"
par damo22, 19:47, 22 Mars 2019
In the guidelines that specify to the user to run the lspci and lsusb etc commands, it is vital to advise them to use the -nn option on lspci so we get the vendorid:deviceid printed out, otherwise we cannot identify the hardware. Can this be updated please?

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